Technology & Aging

Technology has come a long way since it was first introduced and how soon after birth you were first introduced to technology may vary upon your age. In fact numerous technological advances are made each year. Some us were born into the age of cellphones, smart cars, and telemedicine. Whereas your parents or grandparents may have been born in the age of pagers and no automatic car windows.

Perhaps, this explain why the older demographic is not often labeled as technologically savvy as millennials or generation Z. Nonetheless this doesn’t meant that all age groups can’t appreciate our technological advances today. Especially in the world of long-term, care even those older individual once living in a world with less tech can reap benefits now.

When it comes to home automation and safety for seniors, tech is at the forefront leading with multiple possibilities. From smart lights, fall alert systems, to automated walkers, there is much tech has to offer to aging seniors. Check out this article found on LTCTREE.Com which list a wide array of gadgets used to improve home safety for seniors.