Best telescopes for kids to learn astronomy in 2020

Astronomy and space exploration are becoming more popular today than they ever have been. NASA regularly announces new discoveries and even live streams missions to the International Space Station, enlightening both professionals and aficionados to the wonders of space exploration. Even more interestingly, companies like SpaceX have made the dream of exploring Mars seem like more of a possibility during most people’s lifetime.

Amid all these fascinating developments, many parents are faced with curious kids who bombard them with endless questions regarding the planet, constellation, stars, galaxies, and the universe. One of the best tools you can equip yourself with to adequately answer these questions is a telescope. In this article, we look at the best telescopes for kids in 2020.

Celestron Travel Scope Telescope

The Celestron Travel Scope is an 80mm telescope that will make it easier (and interesting) for kids to learn about our solar system and space in general. This fantastic travel telescope for kids comes with a superior 80mm objective lens, a lightweight frame, powerful eyepieces for up-close observation, bonus carry bag, and a smartphone adapter and astronomy Software. The full-height tripod, also included, makes it easier to set up the telescope for a steady view of the wonders of the night sky.

Price: $110

Celestron 31036 AstroMaster LT

This is the second best kids telescope that comes with a permanently mounted StarPointer finderscope. The electron 31036 is quick to use and requires no setup. It features a rugged pre-assembled tripod for a rigid and stable platform, glass mirrors, an accessory try for storing the accessories. If you want to supply your kid with a dual purpose telescope system that will allow both celestial and terrestrial viewing, this model is the perfect choice. The Celestron 31036 is available in 3 different power configurations with prices ranging from $99 to $200.

Price: $99 – $200

Emarth Telescope

This is a premium quality telescope for patients who are looking to introduce their children to astronomy. The Emarth offers high quality opitics with a 70mm aperture, finderscope, high magnification, adjustable tripod, and everything else you need to explore space right from the comfort of your home. This telescope is easy to set up and comes with a manual so you can get started right away. Get the Emarth, wait for clear weather, and point it out to the sky.

Price: $86

MaxUSee Kids

The MaxUSee Kids Telescope is the perfect choice for parents who are on a budget. This portable telescope for kids and beginners has a focal length of 400mm with a 5 x 18 finderscope so you can achieve bright and clear images. It comes with two eyepieces and a built in compass for added convenience. The MaxUSee is very easy to setup and your kid will have a great time using it. Even more interesting is the fact that this awesome telescope will set you back only $36.

Price: $36

NASA Lunar Telescope

The NASA Lunar Telescope is the best piece of equipment for viewing the moon. It is capable of a whopping 90x magnification and features two eyepieces, finder scope, tabletop tripod, and full-color learning guide. This telescope allows your kid to see the moon in incredible detail. It is the perfect gift choice for kids who are interested in astronomy, or need to learn as part of their school work.

These telescopes are a great fit for getting your kids started on astronomy. As they progress to learn, then you may consider buying a more capable and expensive telescope to accommodate their needs.