About Us

Science is the heart beat of progress. Without science, we would still be waiting over weeks for letters to arrive to their destination. Global air travel would be impossible. Science is the reason why our world works the way it does today. It is the reason why hundreds of years from now, the human race will be entirely different than we know it. Perhaps, out descendants will be a space faring race.  Possibly, life elongating technology will be available, and traveling to Mars will be akin to making a trip from New York to London. Science is indeed everything.

At newbooksinscitechsoc.com, we are all about science. We marvel and write about anything that has a scientific significance. We marvel at the wonders of human ingenuity. We encourage and champion for future innovators. Our community is all about science. And we are science buffs. You are welcome to contribute blog posts, video, or any other content you feel would be valuable to our readers.